What are Braces?

Dental braces are used in both children and adults to correct or prevent certain dental conditions.

These include:

  • Crooked Teeth
  • Misaligned teeth
  • Crowding
  • Under bites and Overbites
  • Incorrectly positioned jaws
  • Adjunctive treatment prior to crowns, bridgework, gum treatment, or implants.

Types of Braces

  • Metal Braces : Most commonly used. Made out of high-grade stainless steel and fitted to the front of the teeth.
  • Clear Ceramic Braces : A less visible option. Made out of clear ceramic materials and fitted to the front of the teeth. However, more prone to damage and breakage compared to metal braces.
  • Lingual Braces : Metal braces fitted behind the teeth . Less visible.
  • Clear Aligners : A series of removable, customized , clear trays that are less visible.

Why Braces not Invisalign?

Traditional braces are the most suitable type of treatment for some patients to deliver reliable results. For more complex issues, they are more effective. Moreover, compliance is better as they are fixed devices that cannot be left out and less self-discipline is needed for success.

How long is treatment?

Depending on the severity of your condition, braces may need to be worn for up to 24 months. Moreover, in cases of incorrectly positioned jaws , your treatment may involve surgery.

Treatment Process

A consultation with an orthodontist or dentist is needed to determine if braces are the ideal treatment option based on your dental condition and desired outcome. This may be accompanied with photos of your teeth and smile , x-rays and scans.

At the fitting appointment, the brackets are bonded to your teeth, wire fitted and elastic ties secured.

Regular Adjustment appointments scheduled every 3-8 weeks to assess progress and replace weakened elastic ties.

Treatment is completed with a debanding appointment. The braces are removed, teeth cleaned and a fixed retainer is attached to the back of your teeth. This ensures that teeth stay in this new straightened position. In addition, a removable clear retainer needs to be worn every night for added retention.

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