What is it and how does it work?

Invisalign is an invisible and hygienic orthodontic treatment that uses a series of custom-made removable aligners that help straighten teeth.  The clear aligners are barely noticeable and because they are removable, it is easier for patients to keep teeth clean during treatment. Each aligner is worn for an ideal 22 hours/day and removed when eating or drinking anything other than water. The aligners are worn for two weeks before replacing with the next set.

Who is a candidate?

Invisalign is suitable for most cases from mild to moderate complexity. It is especially useful in adults or adolescents who want a discrete appliance. It is not ideal in patients that need to rotate canines or premolars , require vertical movement of teeth , require back teeth to be moved or who lack discipline to keep the trays in for at least 22 hours.

Treatment process

  • Initial consultation with orthodontist or dentist, to discuss your needs and determine if you’re a candidate for invisalign.
  • A Digital Scanner is used to capture a 3D image of your teeth. Treatment plan with exact movements and duration of treatment determined by practitioner and custom made aligners fabricated in lab.
  • Aligners are delivered to your practitioner and issued to you.
  • With each set of aligner, your teeth gradually shift into their new position and check-ups scheduled every 6-8 weeks.
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