How to know if your wisdom teeth need to be removed

Many young adults get a rude shock when they realise that their wisdom teeth are coming through. It seems unfair that problems can arise in the mouth, even after childhood. With everything else happening in your early 20s, you don’t deserve another headache! Time to face the facts, folks. Your wisdom teeth are here, and […]

What cosmetic dental options are available in 2020?

The start of 2020 was not just a new year, but it was also the beginning of a new decade. If you compare current treatments in the dental industry with the treatments that were available ten, twenty or thirty years ago, it is easy to see how rapidly technology is advancing. Achieving a whiter and […]

Sleep Apnoea and Dental Health

Sleep apnoea is more than just loud snoring. It’s a serious and possibly life-threatening sleep disorder, that can also have a significant impact on your teeth. Fortunately, dentists can do a great deal to help ease symptoms and provide treatment to improve a patient’s quality of life – and sleep! What is sleep apnoea? Sleep […]

Periodontal and Gum disease

Your best support act: healthy gums When we talk about oral health, teeth often take centre stage. It’s easy to overlook gums as a kind of ‘support act’ for teeth. That is, until the early signs of gum disease start to appear. You may not notice gingivitis until it has taken hold. Left unchecked, it […]

Child Dental Benefits (bulk bill dental for kids)

Get help with child dental benefits Regular dental check-ups are recommended for children from the age of 1, or within six months of the first tooth appearing. The good news is that there is help available for eligible families to meet the cost of caring for children’s teeth. Child Dental Benefits Schedule The Child Dental […]

Private health insurance – how to get the most out of it

How to get the most out of your dental cover Private health insurance has many pros and cons. While some Aussies love the security of having coverage for medical expenses and healthcare options not covered by Medicare; others feel forced into taking out private health insurance by government policy on healthcare rebates. Either way, while […]

Do I need a crown? Or can I just have a filling?

The facts about dental crowns Patients often ask about the difference between dental crowns and fillings. Specifically, they want to know: ‘Do I really need a crown? Or can I just have a filling?’ While it’s true that crowns and fillings are both are used to treat issues with the visible part of the tooth […]

How safe are dental x-rays?

Dental x-rays are a common diagnostic procedure and are considered extremely safe. Modern digital x-rays have 80% less radiation than the older style films of the past. However, if you need a dental x-ray, it’s helpful to know exactly what’s involved. Why dentists use dental x-rays? Dental x-rays are used to help dentists identify and […]

Are sports drinks bad for your teeth?

How often do you grab a sports drink after a workout? Or instead of a soft drink with a meal? It’s common to think that sports and energy drinks are better for you because of their marketing – but reach for them too often and you might end up damaging your teeth. What they don’t […]

Fact or fiction: You should visit the dentist every six months

From a very young age, most people have it drilled into their minds that the dentist is a place they should be visiting on a regular basis. Most people will have heard the statement that all adults should be attending a good dentist every six months. But is this a true and fair report? The […]

How can you whiten your teeth on the Gold Coast?

As a coast known for golden sunshine and glamorous beaches, it only makes sense that we are a community with equally shimmering smiles. More and more locals across Queensland are opting for teeth whitening treatment to amplify their smile and showcase their beauty. With so many people looking for teeth whitening on the Gold Coast, […]

What is the best kit for whitening your teeth at home?

Photo editing might be one way to achieve sparkling teeth… But it fails to provide the complete happiness that a jaw of genuinely white choppers allows. Photoshop is not going to improve your appearance in real life, after all. The desire to feel confident and content is not an ideal that has recently emerged with […]

How does an Invisalign work?

For the past few years, Invisalign has literally been the talk of the town. The conversations around the clear aligner solution has been both positive and negative. In most cases, people simply do not understand what an Invisalign is or how it works. Hence, they are quick to argue about its functionality and effectiveness. Some […]